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Get to know your food better! And sign up for your Blue Slate Heritage Turkey for Thanksgiving!

Here at The Preservery, we care a lot about knowing where our ingredients come from. That's why we are so proud to support our good friends at Ambrosia Farm LLC with this fun, interactive event!

- Farmer Christie and her enterprising young son (aka the "Poultry Whisperer"), Rawley, will be in the Backyard on Blake courtyard (just outside our doors!) showing off some of their most prized and loved birds, including one of their Blue Slate Heritage turkeys
- We will have a sign-up sheet for folks who would like to purchase their Thanksgiving turkey from Ambrosia, and you can ask any and all questions you might have about how their turkeys are raised.
- Turkeys will be available for pick-up here at the restaurant on Saturday, November 19th at our Holiday Makers Market

OK, so, we know what you might be thinking... "I don't want to MEET what I'm going to EAT!" 

Well, we think you should! It's an important practice to get to know your ingredients, especially when they are animals, so you can better understand the food system to which you are contributing with your hard-earned dollars. This time of year, the vast majority of Thanksgiving birds that end up on the family table are raised in commercial poultry facilities where the birds have no access to the outdoors, are specially bred and fed hormones so they grow so large they sometimes can't support their own weight, and generally have to suffer through the entirety of their short lives. We want you to know that there is a better alternative, and you can get it right here at The Preservery!

If you are a conscious omnivore looking for a local, free-range, humane, sustainable and delicious Thanksgiving turkey - this event is for you!