Tim Mooney grew up in the sunshine of California. It wasn't long before he took to the road, exploring the US. Each location summoned him with it’s own unique call and gravity. Although still a rambling man, Mooney now hails from Colorado- a place where he has tapped into a deep source of inspiration. His creativity seems to strengthen and flourish there, not unlike a tree when working to sink roots into arid land. More at home off the beaten path, Tim has always had a knack for tapping the source.

Tim Mooney’s music reflects the emotional colorings of both connection and solitude. A skilled songwriter and guitarist, he knows his way around verses, evoking names like James Taylor and Jeff Tweedy. In true stripped-down folk style, the listener is taken on a musical journey through backroads riddled with leaves of heartbreak, humility, beauty and always love. We all should be grateful to have such a soulful guide.