• The Preservery (map)
  • 3040 Blake Street
  • Denver, CO, 80205
  • United States

Odessa Rose is a Denver based Swing quartet whose influences include Django Reinhardt, Mark O'Connor, The Hot Club of Cowtown, Duke Ellington, and Hank Williams. Originally established in 2008 by guitarist Jimmy, the band quickly found a home within the Boston Swing Central dance scene. In 2011, Odessa Rose recorded and produced their first album, titled Odessa Rose, using the older style of reel to reel tape recording.

In 2012, JimmyHank moved to Denver and reformed the band with fiddle player Sam Cole. Their infectious blend of swing, folk, and original Americana music soon captured the ears of local fans and show runners alike.

Adding a welcomed warmth to their sound, Alex Bowman joined the ensemble in 2015 on double bass. In 2016, percussionist Daniel Nash completed the rhythm section, bringing both stability and style to the group. Odessa Rose can be seen playing unique venues throughout Denver such as Stem Ciders, Little Man Ice Cream, and The Preservery.