• The Preservery (map)
  • 3040 Blake Street #101
  • Denver, CO, 80205
  • United States

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Here at The Preservery, we are setting aside the entire month of January to celebrate America's favorite spirit: Whiskey. We'll have three different Preservery+ tasting events in the last three weeks of the month, which you can purchase as a package-deal here. Not only that, but all month long we will have whiskey flights featuring lots of new selections from Colorado all the way to Japan, new whiskey cocktails and whiskey-inspired menu items.

For this, the second tasting event in our three-part series, we will be featuring some of the best whiskey made right here in the great state of Colorado from Leopold Bros. We'll offer four different tastes of Leopold whiskey, including three of their decadent flavored whiskeys, each paired with a different cheese, as well as bread and accotrements. Join us!

What to expect:
- Four different pours from Leopold Bros.
- A different cheese to pair with each whiskey
- Schooling on whiskey and pairing it with food!
- Good old-fashioned fun

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Dinner First?

We offer 10% off your meal if you come in early and eat before the tasting!