When owners Obe and Whitney set out to start this business, they knew they wanted to do things a bit differently. Obe did, after all, work in nonprofit development for ten years before he made the radical switch to the food world! Together they have worked to create a purpose-driven business that regards profits and social impact as equally important.

Our mission is to build community through everything we do. Not just by bringing people together with music and food, but also through outreach and fundraising, sustainability and gratitude. We believe that we can help to improve the lives of everyone with whom we come into contact, whether it is our staff, our customers, our suppliers, or the greater surrounding community. We may just be one little restaurant but we know we can make a big difference!

outreach and FUNDRAISING

You want to know what really gets us excited? Building relationships. We seek to combine our efforts with nonprofits who are already making a great difference in the community so that we may have an even greater impact together. It is only by working together that we can make substantial contributions that make a real impact. We're joined forces with Rocky Mountain Micro Finance Institute, Denver Young Artists Orchestra, Project Angel Heart and more to raise money and awareness for causes that are important to us and we're always open to seeking new partnerships with other like-minded organizations.


One of the most important ways we can create positive change for the community is by focusing on measures of sustainability. Food waste is an astronomical problem, especially here in the US, so we are taking responsibility, as restaurants are a major contributor, by recycling and using recycled packaging products, whole animal sourcing when possible, using a nose to tail and root to stem approach to food production, growing some of our own food in our rooftop garden, and always striving to find creative ways to further develop our waste minimization systems. In addition, we are strongly committed to local and regional ingredient sourcing to support local farming and keep more of our dollars in the nearby community. You'll see us at the Farmers Markets every Saturday shopping for ingredients! See our Ingredients Page for more information.


In keeping with the philosophies of Servant Leadership, our goal is teach and practice gratitude within our business. This applies not only to the relationships between our leaders and staff members, but also all the other interactions we have each day with guests, suppliers and the greater community. It also means we provide health benefits, meal benefits and a living wage to every employee and perpetuate a uniquely equitable culture by having a no-tipping system.