Whitney Ariss

But you can call her Whit. Over the last twelve years she has been a professional baker, cooked on the line in fancy restaurants, worked in specialty food markets, managed coffee shops, catered events large and small, and even been a personal chef (not necessarily in that order and sometimes all at once). She grew up in the Central Valley, in the midst of the California Cuisine movement, where her urban homesteading parents grew much of their own fruits and vegetables and made almost everything they ate from scratch, including bread, pasta, ice cream and, of course, preserves of all kinds. She is passionate about knowing where all her ingredients come from, treading lightly, cooking with the seasons, and giving vegetables their proper due.

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Dr. Obe Ariss

Known also as Obadiah to his mother and anybody reading his driver license. Originally hailing from the beautiful city of Toronto, Obe is a doctor of music, pianist, business entrepreneur, nonprofit expert with 10 years of development experience, student of baking and lover of whiskey. Oh, and if you are ever looking for somebody who has encyclopedic knowledge of all things automotive, here’s your guy. His Czech-born mom and Lebanese dad instilled in him an adventurous, even fearless palate along with a deep appreciation for anything flavored with lots of garlic and lemon juice and drizzled with a ton of olive oil. He’s the reason we have hummus and cool stuff like rosewater on the menu. (You’re welcome!)

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Brendan Russell
Chef de Cuisine

Since graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2007, Brendan has developed a fierce culinary pedigree working everywhere from a 2-star Michelin Restaurant in London to some of the best renowned restaurants in the Boulder and Denver area. A Colorado native, he has loved being in the kitchen ever since childhood when he got to spend early mornings there helping his mother, who is a talented baker. He also really loves classic cars. A lot. And, he is super excited about sharing his badass cooking, baking and butchery skills and extensive knowledge of seasonal, local and storied ingredients (as well as weird, obscure and geeky ingredients) with our team and the greater community.

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Dave Hadley
Sous Chef

A New Jersey native, Dave discovered his love for food early on after spending time in the kitchen with his Grandma. Also a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Dave has worked for many of the state’s most esteemed restaurants and chefs, since moving to Colorado, including Chef Mark Fischer at Six89 in Carbondale, Acorn in Denver, and he even helped to open Biju’s Little Curry Shop just down the street from us, here in RiNo. He came to The Preservery because of his love for the neighborhood and a desire to pursue his own style of food and introduce people to different, unique flavor profiles. Driven by a love of local farms and produce (you can spot him and Whit at the Union Station Farmers market every Saturday!) he also loves to teach kids about cooking. Try his Kerala Chutney with the samosas, it is straight up magic.


Sawyer Janney
Bar Manager

Our resident beer expert and maker of fine cocktails, Sawyer moved to Denver from Colorado Springs in pursuit of a career opportunity in the industry. He came to The Preservery because he connected so much with the idea of storied ingredients and transparency and he loves when you can track one ingredient or dish from a restaurant back to the distributor, producer and grower and see passion in each phase. That’s why he’s our kinda guy! Plus, he makes a mean Manhattan, just sayin’. Sawyer’s favorite item on the menu is the braised wagyu beef (“because OMG!”) and he is always finding new, wonderful, interesting beers to rotate through our small but fierce tap list. His guilty food pleasure is Chipotle and he also probably has the best hair out of all of us, even though it’s often hidden in his glorious man bun.



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