Way down in Marigny, the neighborhood nestled between the French Quarter and Bywater in the beautiful city of New Orleans, owners Obe and Whitney had an epiphany. It was back around New Year's Eve, almost 2014, when they went roaming down Frenchmen Street in search of their two favorite things: music and food. Whitney snapped the above photo of the Frenchmen street tiles somewhere near Washington Square and then the two of them went another couple blocks down into the center of the action. They witnessed a fantastic scene, including a big brass band playing in the street, tiny music halls and restaurants packed so tightly with people they were spilling into the sidewalks, the intoxicating aroma of hot fryer oil wafting through the air, and people from near and far congregating to enjoy the spectacle. It was a beautiful thing. In that moment they knew they had to capture some of that spirit with The Preservery.

So, armed with a purpose, we humbly offer a creative platform for small scale live performances within the restaurant. Our stage is small but our love of music is big and we hope to present a diverse mix of artists from near and far to help us bring people together through our food and music. In addition to traditional performances, we are proud to partner with organizations in the community to present special fundraisers and programs that benefit Denver nonprofits.

For music inquiries, please contact obe@thepreservery.com