There's really nothing like waking up on a Spring morning such as this, when the skies are grey and the weather is cool and crisp and you can almost smell the impending rain.  In the middle of the city, streets are busy with construction noise, the screech of trains stopping short on the tracks, and so many hundreds of cars passing by, but up here on the third floor, surrounded by new life, it feels calm and peaceful. 

I woke up to see that the first blossoms on my Sun Gold tomato plant have opened.  Like the promise of rain on a cloudy day, these little flowers are the promise of a million possibilities of culinary delight!  Each day I wake up to find the tomato vine a little bit taller, or with a few more flower buds than it had before, and I can't stop imagining all the wonderful things I want to make with my tomatoes!  I can't quite express the happiness I feel about it for fear of over-romanticizing or sounding ridiculous, but I must admit that my little container garden project has brought me much joy. 

For now, I continue to excitedly wait for my plants to yield fruit and fantasize about all the ways I can prepare and enjoy them.